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2021 E-Posters

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  1. Evaluation of Intraperitoneal Vancomycin in Peritoneal Dialysis-Associated Peritonitis
    • Ming Chang, Elaine Cheng, Karen Shalansky and Dr. Suneet Singh
  2. A QI Study to Optimize Plastic Recycling in Two In-Centre Hemodialysis Facilities in British Columbia 
    • Justin Cheng, Dr. Caroline Stigant, Dr. Myriam Farah, Nicholas Kozak, and Salena Bath
  3. Quantification of Recyclable PD Plastics in a Home Dialysis Program – An Opportunity for Resource Stewardship 
    • Nisha Rao and Dr. Caroline Stigant
  4. British Columbia's Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome Clinical Pathway: General Pediatricians' Perspectives 
    • Laura Kim, Marisa Catapang, Nonnie Polderman, Robert Humphreys, Cherry Mammen, Eleonora Jugnauth, Dr. Douglas G. Matsell on behalf of the Pediatric Nephrology Clinical Pathway Development Team
  5. Better Together: A Provincial Strategy to Improve Collaborative Goal-Setting in Adults with Chronic Kidney Disease 
    • Helen Chiu, Isaac Vilankulu, Karyn Vilankulu, Yuriy Melnyk, Brenda Lee, Dr. Sean Barbour on behalf of the Support for People Living with Glomerulonephritis Working Group
  6. Iron Isomaltoside Use in Non-Dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease and Independent Dialysis Patients at Vancouver General Hospital 
    • Karen Shalansky, Hilary Wu, Kevin Kwok and Elena Barbir
  7. Improving Conversion from PD Choice to Initiation 
    • Gurjit Pawar, Dr. Daniel Schwartz, Ruth Burns, Marianne Robbie, Sue Bal and Katie Cave 
  8. Virtual Care Evaluation in BC Multidisciplinary Kidney Care Clinics: Overview of the Study Protocol 
    • Yuriy Melnyk, Helen Chiu, Dominik Stoll, Janet Williams, Anne Logie, Julie Wei, Paul Watson, Robin Chohan, Brenda Lee, Michele Fryer and Dr. Mike Bevilacqua
  9. Patient perspectives on the intradialytic bike program during the COIVD-19 pandemic 
    • Kathryn Wytsma-Fisher, Theresa Cowan, Kristen Parker, Shauna Raugust and Dr. Stefan Mustata
  10. Characterization of Risk Factors for Calciphylaxis in Hemodialysis Patients in the Fraser Health Renal Program – A Matched Case-Control Retrospective Review
    • Ashley Jang, Mark Ho and Luzhi Yan
  11. Analysis of Tacrolimus Trends and Trough Levels < 5 ug/L Preceding Development of Biopsy Proven Acute Rejection in Renal Transplant Patients
    • Randi Shen, Catherine Cheung and Dr. Bradford Strijack
  12. Patient and Family Engagement in BC Renal: Learnings from 2020-2021
    • Helen Chiu, Randy Spensley, Brenda Lee, and Gloria Freeborn on behalf of the BC Renal Patient & Family Engagement Advisory Committee
  13. Understanding Support Needs in People Living with Glomerulonephritis in British Columbia 
    • Isaac Vilankulu, Karyn Vilankulu, Yuriy Melnyk, Brenda Lee, Sean Barbour on behalf of the Support for People Living with Glomerulonephritis Working Group
  14. Knowledge Keepers in Research digital book
    • Amanda Green and Catherine Turner
  15. Strategies for Culturally Sensitive and Inclusive Engagement with Remote Indigenous Communities
    • Amanda Green and Catherine Turner
  16. Supporting Each Other's Journey: Land Acknowledgment Learning Series
    • Amanda Green and Craig Settee

  1. Comparison of oral nutritional supplement prescription patterns among non-dialysis chronic kidney disease and hemodialysis patients in BC
    • Dani Renouf , Yuyan Zheng, Line Lavoie, Mohammed Atiquzzaman, Zainab Sheriff, Dr. Adeera Levin and Michelle M.Y. Wong

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