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2023 Presentations

November 9-10, 2023
Plenary Sessions

  • BC Renal Update (YouTube)
    • Speaker: Dr. Adeera Levin, Executive Director, BC Renal 
  • Kidney Wellness Hub (YouTube)
    • Speakers: Kate Chong, Teresa Atkinson, Dr. Megan Borkum, Francine Gosselin, Dani Renouf,  Anja Webster, David McKay 
    • Chair: Deborah Tucker
  • Transplant Wellness Program (YouTube)
    • Speaker: Dr. Stefan Mustata 
  • On the Bias (YouTube)
    • Speakers: Dr. Jeff Perl, Dr. Kris Poinen, Sara Faulkner, Dino Angelucci, Eldon Mah
    • Chairs: Dr. Mike Copland & Dr. Suneet Singh 
  • PBO Nurses (YouTube)
    • Speaker: Kristy Ware 
  • Planetary/Green Nephrology (YouTube)
    • Speakers: Dr. Caroline Stigant, Chief Michael Recalma
    • Chair: Dr. Naomi Glick 
  • Emergency Preparedness (YouTube
    • Speakers: Sarah Thomas, Naomi Martens, Mitchell Dyck 
  • From Promise to Progress (YouTube)
    • Speakers: Dr. Mike Bevilacqua, Dr. Ada Chiu
    • Chair: Dr. Dan Martinusen
  • Indigenous health Can-Solve CKD Network (YouTube)
    • Speakers: Catherine Turner, Craig Settee, Jocelyn Jones 
    • Chair: Dr. Mike Copland

Concurrent Session
  • Choosing the right visit, for the right patient, at the right time: Virtual kidney care in 2023 and beyond (PowerPoint PDF)
    • Speaker: Dr. Mike Bevilacqua 
    • Chair: Dr. Megan Borkum
  • Trends after transfer from home dialysis: Can we do better? (PowerPoint PDF)
    • Speaker: Dr. Simon Davies
    • Chair: Katie Cave
  • Collaborative Patient Goal-Setting (YouTube)
    • Speakers: Paul Watson, Helen Chiu, Dr. Nadia Zalunardo, Dara Lewis, Janice Rotinsky, Francine Gosselin 
    • Chair: Jesse Colbeck
  • Interdisciplinary potassium management: Are we ready (YouTube)
    • Speakers: Dr. Michelle Wong, Dr. Kevin Kwok, Tamara Graham, Patient Partner Panel: Michelle Spittel, Leilani Borja, Anna Lyn Delfino
    • Chair: Karen Parinas
  • Integrated palliative nephrology: Helping persons with kidney disease live their best life (PowerPoint PDF)
    • Speaker:  Dr. Christine Jones
    • Chair: Dr. Gaylene Hargrove
  • Implementation of precision medicine in kidney transplantation (PowerPoint PDF)
    • Speaker: Dr. James Lan
    • Chair: Dr. Elizabeth Hendren
  • Deconstructing ISPD guidelines in the management of peritonitis (PowerPoint PDF)
    •   Speaker: Dr. Yangmin Zeng, Luzhi Yan
    • Chair: Dr. Claudia Ho

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