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Home Hemodialysis

Home Hemodialysis is an option that allows you the flexibility to complete your hemodialysis treatments in the comfort of your home.
Benefits of Home Hemo
“I feel like I have my life back. My days are free.”

“I do almost everything myself, but if I have any questions or need any help, the nurses are right there.”

Some of the benefits independent Hemodialysis patients have described include:

  • More liberal diet
  • A flexible schedule that patients can control
  • Higher level of independence
  • More time at home
  • More energy, and simply feeling better
  • Less time at the hospital
  • Ability to travel
To be a successful home hemodialysis patient, your commitment is needed, as well as an understanding and acceptance of the importance of your training, the maintenance of your skill set and your ongoing responsibilities.

*The information in our patient handout materials are provided for educational/information purposes, and to support discussion with your health care team about your medical condition and treatment. It does not constitute medical advice and should not substitute for advice given by your physician or other qualified health care professional.

Resources for Current Patients

The workbook is divided into 15 sections that deal with important subjects for patients responsible for managing their own hemodialysis. The sections include everything from the history and principles of hemodialysis to information on managing your medications, target weight, vascular access, and needling.

Home Hemodialysis Patient Workbook -Complete 

(English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)

  1. How does Hemodialysis Work (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)
  2. Physical Assessment (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)
  3. Your Vascular Access (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)
  4. How to Self Needle (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)
  5. Your Hemodialysis Catheter (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)
  6. Safety Devices (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)
  7. Your Blood Work (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)
  8. Your Medications (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)
  9. Giving Yourself Medications (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)
  10. Troubleshooting Guide (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)
  11. Medical Emergencies (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)
  12. Handling Hemodialysis Waste (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)
  13. Healthy Eating (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)
  14. Disaster Preparedness (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)
  15. Glossary + Acknowledgements (English ; Chinese ; Punjabi)



Emergency Disconnect Procedure

Additional tools

BC Renal has produced a range of handouts to help you take care of your vascular access.


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