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2023 E-Posters

Congratulations to the 2023 winners!
  • View the 1st and 2nd prize winners in each category here. (PDF)
Quality Initiative

  1. Opportunities for Improving the Transplant Assessment and Education Process in British Columbia Patient and Healthcare Provider Perspective. (PDF)
    • Authors: O. Aiyegbusi, S. Gradin and M. Bevilacqua
  2. Using a Self-Management Approach in Developing Targeted Interventions for Patients with Chronic Excessive Interdialytic Weight Gain (IDWG) (PDF)
    • Authors: J. Valentin, A. Kruthaup-Harper, T. Toor
  3. Closer to Home: Streamlining Remote Care Coordination (PDF)
    • Authors: M. McGregor , K. Catton , Dr. A. Croome, J. Cheek, N. Esleyer, K. Hoop, K. Renville
  4. Increasing Adequacy of Medical Kidney Biopsies in BC (PDF)
    • Authors: P. Hutchinson, G. Ho, R. Naidu, R. Ortiz, I. Tsang, M. Leung, A. Finley, E. Ladds, J. Nugent, A. Harris, M. Farrah, A. Singh, B. Grewal, M. Bissonnette
  5. Improved Diabetes Management for a Peritoneal Dialysis Patient by Using Continuous Glucose Monitor Results (PDF)
    • Authors: M. Leblanc, K. Cave
  6. Bridging the Gap: Implementing the Transitional Care Approach for New Hemodialysis Patients (PDF) (2nd place)
    • Authors: P. Khanna, J. Hidalgo, N. Craig, E. Barsky, D. Lin
  7. Oncology Screening in Post-Renal Transplant Patients: A Retrospective Review of Adherence to Screening Guidelines in a Canadian Health Region (PDF) (1st place)
    • Authors: R. A. Housani, Dr. P. Birks, C. Cheung, H. Golding, Dr. F. Rashid, R. Shen, T. Toor
  8. Advancing Self Management Support in Adults with Chronic Kidney Disease (PDF)
    • Authors: H.H.L. Chiu, B. Lee, P. Hann, S. Saunders, G. Freeborn, A. Levin
  9. Growing a Provincial Network of Patient & Family Engagement for Better Kidney Care (PDF)
    • Authors: H.H.L. Chiu, D. McCann, B. Lee, L. Bennett, R. Spensley, G. Freeborn on behalf of the BC Renal Patient & Family Engagement Advisory Committee
  10. Emergency Response of Abbotsford Peritoneal Dialysis Unit to Support Peritoneal Dialysis Patients During Extreme Flooding Event (PDF)
    • Authors: K. Cave, N. Martens
  11. Growing HHD in Interior Health (PDF)
    • Author: M. Faridani
  12. Embedding What Matters Conversations into the Kidney Care Clinic (KCC) (PDF)
    • Author: D. M. Lewis, I. Zorya
  13. Quality Improvement (PDF)
    • Author: D. Jansons
  14. Renal Patient Journey Ideas for Today and Tomorrow (PDF)
    • Author: IH Renal Patient Partners, IH Renal Program, IH Nephrologists, IH Health Systems Planning, J. Cook, J. Colbeck 
  15. Tackling Malnutrition at Vancouver Coastal Health: Implementation of Subjective Global Assessment (SGA) (PDF)
    • Author: E. Cabrera, T. Cividin, J. Arqueza, A. Kwok, R. Hsu, L. Goharian, T. Yeh, J. Koh
  16. Home Hemodialysis Bike Loan (PDF)
    • Author: L. Wone, R. Burns, G. Pawar
  17. Carbon Footprint of Patient Travel for Kidney Care in British Columbia (PDF)
    • Author: S. N. Wong, T. Rajan, C. Stigant
  18. Clinical Nurse Specialist Response to a Climate Emergency (PDF)
    • Author: S. Kensall
  19. Guiding Best Practice I (PDF)
    • Author: R. Luscombe
  20. Enhancing the LPN-RN Collaboration for Optimal Care in Hemodialysis (PDF)
    • Authors: N. Penalosa, B. Varghese, P. Lalany, J. Parroco
  21. Evaluation of the Living Kidney Donor Outreach Group (PDF)
    • Authors: Dr. M. Beaulieu, J. Max, C. Schellenberg
  22. Patient Screening and Selection for Home Dialysis Therapies: A Scoping Review (PDF)
    • Authors: R. R. L. Ting, M. Borkum, A. Levin
  23. Virtual Care Evaluation in BC's Multidisciplinary Kidney Care Clinics: Study Results (PDF)
    • Authors: Y. Melnyk, H. Chiu, A Logie, P. Watson, R. Chohan, M. McGuire, M. Fryer, B. Lee, J. Wei, D. Stoll, J. Williams, M. Bevilacqua
Clinical Research
  1. Evaluation of Vitamin D Levels and Outcomes in Patients on Hemodialysis in Fraser Health A Retrospective Health Record Review (PDF) (1st place)
    • Authors: G. Rana, W. A. Chiu, L. Yan
  2. Supratherapeutic Tacrolimus Levels in a Kidney Transplant Recipient after Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (PDF)
    • Authors: C. Tai, M. Mok, C. Cheung
  3. Improved Diabetes Management for a Peritoneal Dialysis Patient by Using Continuous Glucose Monitor Results (PDF)
    • Author: M. Leblanc
  4. Transplant Wellness Program at the University of Calgary: multiphasic intervention to improve wellness in kidney and liver transplant recipients (PDF) (2nd place)
    • Author: K. Wytsma-Fisher, M. A. Perinpanayagam, K. W. Burak, D. Isaac, S. N. Culos-Reed, S. Mustata
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