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BC Transplant Partnership

BC Transplant and BC Renal have partnered together to achieve a vision of seamless care for individuals with chronic kidney disease – something that has not been done anywhere in Canada.

Chronic kidney disease is a complex health condition, and those diagnosed with it face a journey through a health system that in the past has been separated into various silos – renal care, transplant care, acute care, etc.

But a person with kidney disease doesn’t fit neatly into these boxes. In their journey, they will interact with a large number of care professionals and teams, including their family physician, nephrologists, renal nurses, dietitians, social workers, transplant surgeons, and various members of the kidney transplant team, likely in more than one facility. The hope of all patients is to receive high quality care every step of the way, and for the various members of their care teams to know where they are in the journey and what they require at any given point to achieve the best health outcomes.

A key first step was integrating information systems, so that care providers across renal and transplant programs know where their patients are on their journey. In the fall of 2011, a paperless, online kidney transplant referral system was introduced, a huge step forward from the standard, paper-based system.

Another important step was to build a stronger connection across renal and transplant teams through a joint annual conference: BC Kidney Days. This event not only provides an opportunity for sharing knowledge about innovations and advancements in kidney and transplant care, it also builds relationships across teams.

The partnership is further supported by a joint communication strategy, which means all renal and kidney transplant care professionals across British Columbia are aware of the steps being taken to improve care delivery for patients.

Recognizing that living with kidney disease is challenging at best, the BCR/BCT partnership continues to work toward seamless care and best health outcomes.


The BCR/BCT partnership produced a three-booklet series on the kidney transplant process for potential donors and recipients:

View these key accomplishments in the BC Renal-Transplant infographic.

For more information on the BC Transplant-BC Renal Partnership, please contact:

BC Renal
260 – 1770 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 4Y6

BC Transplant
3rd Floor, West Tower
555 West 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7

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